Capabilities & Deliverables

Strategic assessments 

We give everyone an objective, knowledgeable, blunt assessment of where you are and what you need to do to improve.

Business plans

The result of an intense discovery and planning process with decision-makers to create an action plan that will work.

Product roadmaps that go somewhere

Matching a vision with a technology and a market over a timeframe is the foundation for a road map that actually motivates an entire company.  

Go to market strategies that meet your budget

Money can't buy creative thinking and the willingness to be innovative in a go to market strategy.  

Sales plans that... sell

Develop a better understanding of your customers, selling processes, and selling strategies to improve with tools that keep you informed.

Business development

NOT sales... this means forging game-changing strategic partnerships that have a material impact on your organization's future.  

Financing plans

We have a very good idea if a company is fundable, what kind of investor might be interested, and what it will take to get their interest.

Integration planning and execution

Combine to fight a larger competitor or to get to market faster.  TPG partners have successfully managed large and small company integrations.